1. Boston trades Hector Velazquez to Pittsburgh for Richard Urena.

The draft is complete.  Everyone did a great job keeping things moving despite a couple of Stratdraft glitches.  We’ll have a brief add/drop period so people can fine tune their rosters.  The people you drop are gone, the people you add you keep.  This will be done via email to me, not Stradraft.

CABL schedule:

8 PM eastern, 2/14/19 – “free” add/drop deadline
8 PM eastern, 2/17/19 – default manager file to commissioner
2/18/19 – load and go file sent; season starts

The default manager file must have 27 players active, 8 players inactive, lineups vs. rhp and vs. lhp (DH in all games), a completely filled daily starters tab.

You must have a starting pitcher listed for all 160 games of the season so that games can be auto-played if results are not received.  If your roster is short on starts (really shouldn’t be), use a starter on your roster as a placeholder until you add/drop during the season.  Also, there are built-in off days in the schedule, but fatigue carries forward.  You may change your manager, including the daily starters tab, at any time.  I’ve attached instructions on how to build an Excel spreadsheet to assist in building your pitching schedule.

I’m looking forward to a great CABL season.  Good luck everyone!



Max Muncy goes number 1

With the first pick in the 2019 CABL draft, the Anaheim Angels have selected Max Muncy. Muncy should give a big boost to the Angels offense.  Muncy hit 17 doubles and 35 home runs in 395 at bats. Angels will now concentrate on pitching in the next few picks to build up a quality starting rotation. Owner Ken Perry likes to wheel and deal so you might not even see Muncy in an Angels uniform for very long.