Rules for the league will be posted.


  1. The Commissioner reserves the right to amend these rules at any time in the best interest of the league and in fairness to all to compensate for any oversight to an existing rule or rules.


  1. The CABL, founded in 2014, is a draft simulation league with continuous ownership of players.


  1. The simulation game of the CABL is Action! PC Baseball (APC) computer game. Each league member is required to purchase his/her own copy of the player disk, and provide proof of purchase to the league commissioner. Failure to do so will result in replacement of nonparticipating member.


  1. Currently, there are no dues or fees charged to members. If the league decides to award physical trophies, etc., dues will be assessed to cover expenses.


  1. The league manager list may not be used or sold for any form of solicitation that is not directly related to league business.


  1. The League consists of 24 active members; The CABL will be divided into 2 leagues of 3 divisions, each division having 4 teams. The playoffs will consist of the division winners and 1 wild card in each league. Each manager will start with an existing major league team roster (as defined by the current player disk). In addition to maintaining the MLB team name and playing in that team’s ballpark, the CABL owner retains the rights to rookies called up by the real MLB club, subject to the rules outlined in the section on the annual draft (see 734).


107.1 The startup draft pool will consist of the unclaimed teams and players cut from the starting rosters. Draft order is based on MLB standings from the 2013 season – wins in ascending order. Ties are broken by runs scored in ascending order.



Houston Astros

Miami Marlins*

Chicago White Sox*

Chicago Cubs

Minnesota Twins*

Seattle Mariners

Philadelphia Phillies

New York Mets

Milwaukee Brewers

Colorado Rockies

Toronto Blue Jays*

San Diego Padres*

San Francisco Giants

Los Angeles Angels*

Arizona Diamondbacks

New York Yankees

Baltimore Orioles

Kansas City Royals

Washington Nationals

Cincinnati Reds

Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Dodgers

Tampa Bay Rays

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Pittsburgh Pirates

Atlanta Braves

Oakland Athletics

St. Louis Cardinals

Boston Red Sox


*unowned – players added to startup draft pool



  1. All members are required to adhere to both the letter and the spirit of this Constitution and all other CABL rules and practices. Members must be fair and prompt in their dealings with other members, and answer all correspondence from other managers, including trade offers. Repeated failure to follow league rules and practices, gross incompetence or violation involving personal integrity may result in a suspension or expulsion of a league member by the Commissioner. Any member who has been suspended or expelled may appeal this decision to the league. A vote of 50% plus 1 (24 members requires 13 votes) is required to revoke the suspension/expulsion.



  1. Rule Changes
  2. Any reasonable proposal to change CABL rules or practices shall be presented to the membership for discussion and possible vote for amendment or refinement.


  1. Any rule change that affects members unequally shall not take effect until the beginning of the following season.


  1. Any member may abstain from voting on any issue. These abstentions would not be counted in determining a majority position. Example: 24 voting members, 2 abstain, 12 not 13 votes would be needed for a simple majority.


  1. Schedule
  2. The regular-season schedule will consist of 160 games, divided into 4 game series. two series of games are played each week. Each team will have one home series and one away series each week. The visiting team supplies the commissioner a manager profile (MP) for the series and the home team manager plays the games and reports the results. If an updated MP is not received, whatever MP is currently loaded for the visiting team is used. The commissioner will send a league file containing game results and manager updates that have been received during the week to all managers. Fatigue effects carry forward from series to series, with the exception of starting pitchers.



  1. Rules of Play
  2. All games are subject to the Official Rules of Baseball as applicable.


  1. No pitcher may pinch hit unless it is shown that he was used to pinch-hit in real-life at least 8 times during the corresponding season. Pitchers may be used as pinch runners.


  1. Each team must include on its active playing roster at least two rated players at every position. A player may be used at more than one position to meet this requirement.


  1. Ballparks & Weather: The Weather option is used in the CABL. Ballparks are used in the CABL. Each team has use of the ballpark used by its MLB namesake.


  1. The DH is used for all games.


  1. The first place team in each division qualifies for the playoffs. These teams are designated seed 1through 3 for post season play based on record/tie breakers.


  1. Of the remaining non first place teams in each league, the team with the best record also qualifies for the playoffs. This team is seed 4.


  1. If any tie exists between teams in the same league for any playoff position

mentioned in Rule 221 or 222, the tie will be broken, in favor of the team with the:


  1. best record in head-to-head play between the tied teams, or if still tied, the
  2. best record inside the league of the tied teams, or if still tied,
  3. greatest differential between runs scored and runs allowed for the season, or if still tied,
  4. one game playoff, played by the commissioner and with home team decided by a coin flip.


  1. In the first round of the playoffs, team 4 plays team 1, in series A and team 3 plays team 2 in series B.


  1. In the second round of the playoffs, the winner of Series A will play the winner of Series B.


  1. The Championship Series for the CABL title shall be played between the two teams that win their second round playoff series, described in Rule 225.


  1. All series described shall be best-of-seven series, with a day of rest following games 2 and 5. The lower numbered team will be the home team in games 1, 2, 6, and 7. The higher numbered team will be the home team in games 3, 4, and 5. Injuries and pitchers’ fatigue and rotation will carry over from the regular season to any playoff series, and from one playoff series to another. There will be a day of rest between each series.


227.1 Playoff roster size is 27.


227.3 Playing limits are managed by the game. Pitchers are limited by batters faced (BF), and hitters are limited by plate appearances (PA). Once a player reaches his playing limit, his performance is downgraded according to the  (prorated) table in 301:


  1. Starting Pitchers Usage for Playoff Games: A minimum of a three-man starting pitching rotation must be used for each playoff series. A larger rotation may be used to avoid fatigue effects (see 227.3).


  1. Roster Size: Roster size is 35 players. This can be exceeded anytime except during regular season (includes playoffs) or on cut down day. During regular season, only 27 players can be active for any particular series. Thus, 8 players must be farmed out each series. The exception is the final month of the regular season when all players may be active. The active roster must include a valid backup for every fielding position. Once a series is started, both the home and visiting rosters are frozen until all four games in the series have been played. It is essential that the roster is checked before starting a series or exporting a manager file to insure that all players in the starting pitching rotation and the hitting lineups are active.


  1. All APC baseball game rules are observed throughout the playing season.


  1. The Reset player usage option is never used. Fatigue carries forward from series to series, and off days are built into the schedule. (A repeat from

211, but many other leagues reset usage before each series – CABL does not).


300   Player Limitations/Eligibility:

  1. Batters are limited by the game’s usage function. If a batter exceeds his actual MLB PA, the game will automatically degrade his performance for the remainder of the season. Pitchers are limited by MLB BF. If a pitcher exceeds his actual MLB PA, the game will automatically degrade his performance for the remainder of the season.


110% of BF/PA     10% downgrade

120%                    20%

130%                    50%


These limits also apply to lefty/righty splits.


  1. In addition to the limits in 301, starting pitchers are limited to actual MLB game starts.


  1. Fielders: Must be rated by APC to play a defensive position. outfielders can play all OF positions.


  1. Positional At Bat Requirements: At the start of the CABL season, each team is required 650 PA available at each fielding position, plus DH, for a total of nine positions in the lineup. 6000 PA team total, and one backup for each fielding position is also required. NOTE: This rule is a requirement, however history has shown that 650 PAs at a position may not be enough to avoid over usage of PAs per player.


  1. Minimum Use Rule: Any position player that did not bat 33% of his real life plate appearances or pitch 33% of his real life BF will be dropped from the team and available in the free agent draft.


  1. Any batter with less than 50 official MLB PA is exempt from rule 305. Any pitcher with less than 50 official MLB BF is exempt from rule 305.


  1. Additional penalties are assessed for extreme overuse of players in order to discourage “tanking” for draft position:


  1. If the total starts over the CABL limit for starting pitchers and split-grades exceeds 2, the team is dropped one draft position in all rounds for every 3 excess starts, rounded down.
  2. If the sum of all PA and BF that exceed the BCBL limit for batters and relievers is 100 or more, the team is dropped one draft position in all rounds for the first 100, then every 25 excess PA + BF after that rounded down.


  1. Protests
  2. The visiting manager may protest any loss he feels resulted from the home

manager’s negligence, error, or misinterpretation of the rules. The home manager may protest only if he learns after a series that a visiting player was used illegally. Protests must be made prior to the beginning of the next week’s games. The Commissioner will act on the protest, or another manager if the Commissioner is involved in the protest.



  1. Road Instructions
  2. Road Instructions/Computer Manager: APC computer manager profile (MP) is required. MP must include one batting line-up vs. right-handed starters and one lineup vs. left-handed starters and the pitching rotation for the entire 160 game season (daily starters tab). CABL managers are not required to interrupt computer manager to make manual changes for road opponent. CABL managers are also not required to load lineups tailored to specific starting pitchers or other conditions.


601.1 Updated manager profiles should be emailed to the commissioner who will load them to the master DB – deadline is Saturday, 8 PM eastern each week, to guarantee inclusions in the week’s league file update. The commissioner will send an updated league file to the league on Sunday

mornings. If an away manager does not send an updated MP, the currently loaded MP will be used.


  1. No player may appear at a position for which he does not receive a rating. No player may be removed from the game without a defensive substitute available at his position, unless his team is behind in the ninth inning or later. If it becomes unavoidable to use a player at a position not on his card, a weak hitter who once played or might be expected to play the position should be used.


  1. Once the game starts, there are no restrictions on the player being used at secondary positions but managers should observe normal baseball logic and a spirit of fair play.


  1. Player Trades and Claims
  2. Trading of Players/Draft Picks: The trading season begins at the conclusion of the previous year’s World Series and runs until the midpoint of the CABL season. The trade deadline coincides with the series reporting deadline for the series that includes the July 15 game (if July 15 is an off day, July 14 is used).


  1. Trading Current/Future Draft Picks: Draft picks may be traded only for the next draft. Trading may take place during the draft, but only the picks of the draft in progress are tradable. Draft picks will be added or removed from the end of the current draft to insure that trading does not result in teams having more than or fewer than 40 (35 starting in 2015) players on their roster at the conclusion of the draft.



702.1 Once the draft is complete, draft picks for next draft become tradable.


  1. Official Trades: Trades are not official until managers have:
  2. Played all home series for the prior season and reported final results to league statistician.
  3. Reported trade to the Commissioner. (All parties in a trade must report it to the Commissioner.)
  4. Trade has been reviewed and approved by the Commissioner and reported via email


  1. No manager may offer the same player in writing to more than one team at a time, unless the offer indicates that it is only tentative, using words to that effect.
  2. Any team attempting to make a trade which is illegal under these rules or

impossible because of its current roster will be penalized by the loss of a 5th round draft pick. Both parties to a trade may be penalized if both parties participated in the violation. At the Commissioner’s discretion, a trade may also be voided.


  1. Managers may claim players from the un-drafted pool in order to avoid overuse of a player or players. In order to claim a player, the manager must cut one of the players on their roster. At the end of the season both the cut player and the claimed player are dropped from the roster and become part of the draft pool. Claims or executed in order of the email date of the request.


  1. Specifics of record keeping and game reporting

720.1 The general schedule for regular season play will be:


Sunday – commissioner sends out an updated database containing the week’s

results.  Managers may send updated manager files to the commissioner and their opponents at any time.  If the series for that week has not yet been played, the new manager file is to be loaded before starting the games.


Tuesday – commissioner sends the week’s load and play file with the updated manager files.


Saturday – deadline for home managers to send series results to commissioner. Missing series results will be computer generated.


  1. Record Keeping Requirements: It is each manager’s responsibility to play all home games each season and report results on weekly deadline to the league statistician. Penalties will be assessed to members who are late in reporting results to the league statistician; late series may be auto-played by the commissioner.


1-5 missed series            no penalty

6-7                                 loss of 7th round draft pick

8-10                               loss of 4th round draft pick

10+                                dropped from league


  1. Annual Player Draft
  2. A draft of all eligible, all MLB players not currently on CABL team rosters who have an entry on the player disk will be held in the spring of each year. The draft will be conducted via the automated drafting site Stratdraft and the commissioner will set appropriate deadlines to allow the draft to be completed in a timely manner.


731.1 Once the draft pool has been set, the commissioner will create the draft on the Stratdraft site.  Managers will be sent login instructions and will have the ability to select players when it is their turn to draft.  A daily schedule for picks will be built – everyone will know when their upcoming pick(s) is due each day.  Stratdraft will send an email to everyone as each pick is made.  If you miss your deadline, the draft will continue with the next scheduled pick.  Missed picks may be made up at any time.


731.1.2 Each team is allocated 8 draft picks per draft, and may not trade picks after the 8th round. After the trade and cut deadlines have passed, draft picks are added or removed from each team that requires them in order that each team has 35 players on their roster at the end of the draft. A team may only trade draft picks that they would actually be able to used (for example, a team whose roster size is at 32 can trade their 1, 2 and/or 3, but no picks after that).


731.2 Prior to the draft teams must cut players from their current roster to reach a roster of 25 players or less. Teams will select players from the draft pool until their roster reaches 35 players.


731.2.1 Managers may elect to keep players that are currently on their roster but who did not accumulate any statistics during the MLB season. The “non-carded” players will not count towards the 25 player pre-draft roster limit, but do count towards the 35 player roster limit.


  1. Draft Order (General): Reverse order of finish of the prior CABL season. Ties between teams with the same record will first be resolved by head-to-head

competition, then by division record, then by run differential, and finally by a coin toss by the Commissioner. In all cases, worst record drafts first.


733.1 Non-playoff teams draft before playoff teams, draft positions 1-16. Losers of first round playoff series draft in positions 19-20. Losers of LCS series draft in positions 21 and 22. World Series loser drafts 23rd and World Series winner 24th.


  1. Each CABL team has priority on the new players on their namesake MLB

roster. Prior to the draft, all players that debuted in MLB are available to be claimed by the corresponding CABL team. Each team may claim one of these debuting players in exchange for a 1st round draft pick, as long as they have the draft pick required.


800 Playing Instructions

(This section is intended as an introduction for players new to APC.  Thanks to Bob Beardsley for outlining these procedures.)


The CABL game folder is located at c:\dksports-data\baseball\seasons\xxx, where xxx is the name you assigned when you created your league (CABL 2014 or CABL, for example).  All game related data files for CABL are located in this folder.


  1. Game installation


The Action game is enhanced every year.  Unlike some other games, a full game purchase is needed each year from


  1. Once the game is released, you are sent a link via email (if you purchased pre-release); the game file is downloaded from the website and has the form 20xxBaseballDownloadPackage-Deluxe.exe. Run this executable to install the new program into C:\Program Files (x86)\Baseball 20xx
  2. To install the new CABL season, create a subfolder in C:\dksports\baseball\seasons
  3. Unzip the league file sent by the commissioner into the folder you created.
  4. Start the game, select Active Season menu option, locate and double-click on the folder you created, then press the Save button


800.1  Game updates


  1. Occasionally the developers need to update the game to correct errors. The download for such updates can be found at and the zip file containing the new program is unzipped into C:\Program Files (x86)\Baseball 20xx


  1. Playing a scheduled league game:


  1. On the schedule page, set both managers H to H (human) for the game you want to play (this should be the default). Press “Play Now” button.
  2. The Visitor Roster screen comes up first. Press Load Line up for mmm nn, where mmm nn is the schedule date of the game being played. This will select the correct pitcher for the visiting team from the Daily Starters schedule.
  3. Press “View Opponent” button.
  4. Go to your team and load your pitcher the same way as in 2.
  5. Press “View Opponent” to get back to Visitor.
  6. Some managers use daily lineups. If a complete lineup appears in step 2, skip this step.  At the Visitor Screen, select the appropriate lineup from the drop-down depending on the pitcher’s throwing hand (vs Right-1 or vs Left-1).
  7. Press “View Opponent” one more time again.
  8. Now back to your team, select your batting lineup.
  9. Press Play Ball
  10. Once you have control, Select Preferences from the Options menu and set the visiting team to computer control.


  1. How to export game results.


  1. Select Export Games from the Utilities menu.
  2. Select the games to export (usually use the Select All button).
  3. On the right side of the screen, select the folder you wish to export to. You may also change the exported file name to make it easier to find.
  4. Press Begin Export.
  5. The output of the export function is BBX – this is the file you email to the commissioner.




  1. How to export a modified manager file.


  1. From the roster screen, select Export Manager from the Manager menu.
  2. The output of the export function is MAN, and the file is located in the CABL game folder – this is the file you email to the commissioner.


  1. How to refresh league files.


  1. Save the league file update (CABL mmddyy into any convenient location.
  2. Unzip (extract) the contents of the save file into the CABL folder (see 800); when prompted have the extract utility replace existing files.